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TETRA Plate Number Recognition

system block diagram

Provides real-time information over the air and complete control over the TETRA network.   

The system is able to recognize the vehicle’s plate in real time and send the captured data to the control room management application over the TRTRA network. The received data is then processed, and the vehicle is identified whether if it exceeds the pre-defined speed limit, has been reported as stolen or the vehicle registration has expired. Another benefit is the ability to take a reverse action instantly based on the recognized license plate for example whether or not to allow the vehicle to pass through the gates.




  • Easley acquisite by using the minimal bandwidth by only sending the vehicle’s plate data as an SDS over the air.

  • Ideal both for moving traffic (motorways, enforcement, congestion, etc.) and access control (parking management) applications

  • The solution provides ideal data accuracy during day and night

  • Weatherproof housing for continuous outdoor usage

  • High illuminating power and low consumption

  • Full remote control

  • Monitoring the vehicle’s movement on the road with minimal coasts

  • Direct hardware triggering available



  • Building a comprehensive database of traffic movement

  • Automation and simplicity of airport and harbor logistics

  • Border control management

  • Inventory management

  • Container surveillance systems.


TETRA Plate Number Recognition Application

Supported Alphanumeric License Plates


  • Arabic

  • English

  • Chinese

  • Cyrillic

  • Latin

  • Roman

  • Thai

  • Korean


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