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Stand-Alone Dispatching System

system block diagram

One of the effective systems for managing a set of operations. This system connects the management center with the field staff. It manages operations that connects organizations, departments or regions and gets messages through even when other connections means can’t. A dispatching system designed to have full control over any system requiring dispatcher access of multiple radios. The system allows the operator to interconnect devices by reassigning radios to other talk groups. This gives the operator the ability to make quick decisions, mobilize a fleet or keep teams informed with the most updated information.

By dragging and dropping radios from tool box via the software to the appropriate talk group, the operator can communicate with devices in this talk group through the Push-To-Talk feature.​ Another benefit is the ability to interconnect and crosspatch different devices (TETRA and MOTOTRBO) allowing them to talk to one another, in case of no coverage of either one. With the benefit of encrypting all of the outgoing or incoming calls and messages.

Key Features:


  • Add, edit, remove and regroup radios to/from various talkgroups.

  • Recording all the incoming and outgoing calls in a secured format.

  • Easily to extend and upgrade.

  • Logs all of the transactions and dispatching events.

  • Retrieve all required information upon request.

  • Crosspatch different platforms with each other (DIAMTRA and MOTOTRBO).

Key Features:​
  • Public safety including Ambulance, Police Department, and Fire Department.

  • Governmental Institutions

  • Utilities

  • Industrial Companies

  • Local Transportation Facilities

  • Rail Transportation Companies

  • Large organizations.

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