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SC3( Smart Command & Control Center is a feature-rich and robust control room solution designed to work with Tetra, MOTOTRBO and Astro25 radio systems of any size and complexity. 

SC3 system offers a wide choice of  modules which can be tailored to individual requirements.



The SC3 mainly consists of the following 9 modules 



GPS Tracking Module 

A real-time vehicle tracking module, integrated with a powerful GIS subsystem with a comprehensive geofencing functions. 


Alarm Module 

An intelligent alarm module which manages the received alarms and displays source, type, time and location of any alarm on a predefined map or a floor plan, alarms will be repeated until acknowledge by the operator.

Video Management Module 

this module enable the users to manage and view multiple video feeds within the application window, it can also store and analyse these feeds for future use.



Text Message Module 

This module enable the operator to send and receive text message to a single/ multiple radios under his command, the messages can be stored, retrieved and searched for request.

Reporting Module 

This module is designed to provide the user with a feature-rich interface for reports managing and generating, the module generate all the reports related to other modules as requested by the operator.


Voice logger Module 

A comprehensive voice recording and archiving module enabling the user to store months of voice communications with the ability to search the recording using date, time, radio, ID, talk-groups etc. 



Dispatching Module

This module allows talk-groups dispatching and cross-patching for multiple radios,the CAD "Computer Aided Dispatch" use an intuitive touch screen to facilitate all the required actions.  

Job Ticketing Module 

An integrated task management module that allows the operator to create, assign and track job tickets to be sent to any of the network subscribers. 


Indoor Positioning Module 

An indoor tracking system which utilize Bluetooth technology to accurately identify the location of radios inside buildings were GPS signals are not available. 

SC3 Modules
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